2021 Scholar Award Recipients

lilla kirilla

“Waking up every day in fear of not being able to pay for the next month’s tuition is not a pleasant feeling, but dropping out is not an option. I came a long way since January 2019, and I am here to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I am proud of myself and I want to make my family proud too.”

Lilla Kirilla
Entergy Powers Diversity Scholarship
BBA, Business Administration
Jessica Pinos

“I am extremely happy to be back in school and to be a little closer to getting my degree. I look forward to using my skills in my everyday life. Another reason why finishing school is crucial for me is that I want to set a good example for my children; I would like them to complete their college education one day. I always tell my kids how important it is to learn and to finish school but sometimes they reply “but you didn’t finish school” but now they will see first-hand that no matter what obstacles come your way, one must always persevere and keep working towards your goal. ”

Jessica Pinos
Doris Metzger Miller Datakey Scholarship
AAS, Business Management/Marketing Online

“After being here I came to realize that it did not really matter how big or small a college is, in fact I prefer a smaller college due to the single fact that CW has a supportive community. This college has been great to me and I’ve learned so much from attending. My focus is anything art related and I’ve been learning things that I normally would not learn anywhere else and it is definitely helping to build my career as an artist in the future. I want to keep learning more so that I can achieve my lifetime dream of creating my own graphic novel/webcomic.

I truly do love the fact that my major also includes marketing since it’s very important when advertising one’s products. I’ve attended CW for about two years now and I know there’s still more to learn. I want to continue to grow so that I can use the knowledge I obtain here to benefit others and myself.”

Jose Alvarez
John Nunes Technology Scholarship
BS, Interactive Digital Marketing and Media

“This scholarship will further my education. I had an amazing experience learning remote for the first time. I am very pleased and grateful for what I did learn from my professors. After obtaining my degree in Business Administration, I plan to own my own business. The professors have taught me all the skills that I need to know as a business owner. ”

Danaya Sharp
Sterling National Bank Scholarship
BBA, Business Administration

“I already feel blessed to be the first one in my family to have graduated from college with an associate’s degree. The knowledge that I have received will always provide me with an abundance of crucial resources that have and will continue to assist me in all aspects of life. In fact, education is so important to me that not only have I decided to return to college to attain my bachelor’s degree.

Education provides us with knowledge about the world around us. It helps us to understand, to be tolerant, to have opinions, and to improve our mindset and our lives. While I have faced hardships, I know that those are only temporary roadblocks. The education that I am receiving is invaluable. There is no amount of monetary value that can be placed on my education, nor can it be taken away from me. ”

Lillian Ferreira
Mayor Joseph Delfino Scholarship
BBA, Business Administration - Management Online

“I am no longer just dreaming about having a college degree; I am working on one. I am no longer limited to a life that is just okay, I have new plans and goals. I do not spend most of my free time on social media and TV. I am learning, expanding my knowledge in many subjects from Finances to Adult Development, from Technology to Business Writing and these are all pieces of a puzzle that is getting me closer to a better quality of life. Each day my confidence grows, each day I better my chances to get a job that I desire and not just a job that pays the bills. Every new skill I learn makes me proud and is another step towards the life I want. When we decide to do something different with our lives, we impact those around us. I want to be perceived as a victorious, hardworking and resilient woman. This scholarship will keep me moving forward with pride and encouragement. ”

Rosana Escoto
Dr. William R. Papallo Scholarship
BBA, Business Administration
Caitlin Feliciano

“Assisting in caregiving has always been my goal from childhood; this is because of the partiality of the healthcare system that pays little attention to the less fortunate. I have always wanted to improve the quality of life for everyone and be a stepping-stone for other unfortunate souls. Securing this scholarship will be a huge step towards the pursuit of these career dreams. Besides, with the help of the scholarship, I can assist others in the access of healthcare through several programs that I am planning to initiate at the community level. Once I am qualified, and with a secured career, I am planning on founding an organization which will assist people with special healthcare needs and those from marginalized demographics. I am confident that with the help of the scholarship, my future aspiration of helping others will be met.”

Caitlin Feliciano
Jeanne Sutkowski Scholarship
AAS, Medical Assistant Management

“I am in my second year and I feel like I’ve learned so much. While this year has been very hard, I continue to work hard. This scholarship would be one tremendous step towards being where I want to be in life when it comes to my career. This would open new doors for me and my educational goals. The scholarship would also allow me to continue at The College of Westchester and allow me to continue to use the great resources they provide there. As far as my classes if I do not understand something there is always someone I can talk to or go to for advice. I feel that this college was the right choice for me because it provides me with assurance that my education and time is not going to waste. I get to have first-hand experiences with professors that have been in the industry that I am looking forward to working in and they provide me with the necessary tools. But most importantly, CW has taught me to work hard, never give up and stay CW Strong!”

Nyah Pineda
Radford Quesada Scholarship
BS, Interactive Digital Media and Marketing

“This scholarship will help impact my life by lowering my financial costs early on as well as ensuring I will be able to afford my future education. Thus, allowing me to invest in myself and continue to work hard earning my degree. This scholarship will benefit my educational goals, and I plan to continue to work hard during this pandemic and make sure I do everything in my power that will help me continue to grow and better my future.”

Trevonafaith Gordon
Honors Program Scholarship
AAS, Medical Assistant Management